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BTS Training program

BTS Training program is run and taught by Hannah Ngo-Joyce. Hannah received her nail license in 2008 and has been a full-time worker in the nail industry since. After working in a very busy Washington heights nail salon for 5 years, she ventured off to open her own nail salon. She opened Nail Ha’ven in 2013 and it has been running successfully since.

As being the owner and head technician of a nail salon for 14+ years, Hannah has seen most of what nails has to offer. Training came naturally to her as most of the first hired employees were technicians with little to no experience. These same technicians are now being booked months in advance by
clients. She showed them the basics and gradually grew them to need to know more advanced services and techniques. She noticed that there might be a need to have trained technicians for not only her salon but others as well. She started to train newly licensed technicians in her salon. Owning a salon gave her an advantage as these students were able to train on live customers and see how the work is done in an actual salon.


Working with LECHAT

In 2017 Hannah decided to become an educator for one of the leading nail manufacturing companies in the United States, LECHAT. Working with LECHAT and their products not only at conventions but at her salon she has learned how these products work and how they can help any technician in the nail industry. After seeing how these products work for her in her salon, Hannah now exclusively only uses nail products made by LECHAT.

Hannah saw that most of the newly licensed technicians that came to her for training needed to be retaught the basics on some level. This is when she decided to get her instructor license in 2020. She has worked for Manhattan Nail and Esthetics school for the past two years. She has made sure to teach not only the basics but real salon techniques that will help newly licensed technicians land jobs and succeed in salons.

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BTS Beauty, Training & Supply

At BTS Beauty, Training and Supply, the training programs that Hannah has designed are geared toward two types of technicians.

There will be training for beginners where students will not only learn the basics and some more but also get the help needed to receive a nail specialty license in the State of New York. The second program at BTS is for already licensed technicians looking to learn the advanced services and techniques to make them the most sought-after technician in their salon. One advantage with training at BTS is that you will get to practice what is learned on real live customers in Hannah’s nail salon. In both training programs students will learn and use nail products by LECHAT. Learning how to use one of the best products in the United States is another great advantage to this training program. Where else are trained by one of the best technicians in the area and practice on real customers in Nail Ha’ven and using products, made by an industry giant like LECHAT.

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