7 Ways You Can Maintain Your Nails To Look As Classy As Ever

Morning, noon, and night… how many times do you look at the mirror to confirm that your makeup is on point or check on your hair? But when was the last time you took a closer look at your nails?

Although a clear indicator of health and fashion, nails are often neglected. Most girls feel that they would need a visit to the salon and a significant chunk of bills to make their nails look nice. Well, that’s not true. Nail care can be simple and inexpensive too. Here are 7 easy ways to help you maintain your nails the right way.

1.Good nail hygiene is a thing. Practice it

Just like all the other parts of your body, hygiene is also a must for your nails. Clean your nails and nail tools thoroughly and regularly. Don’t let them grow too long, as long nails can easily become a welcome mat for dirt.

2.Love nail colours. Be wise about it. 

Who doesn’t love vibrant, trendy, and cool nail colours? But you have to be vigilant while applying them. Always use a base coat to keep your nails safe from harsh chemicals. Never scrape the colour off, and use a good nail polish remover to get the job done.


Yes, that’s true. I cannot emphasize that enough. Moisturizing is not just for the skin. Your nails need it too. Every time you wash your hands, it takes away a little moisture from your nails. So, regularly apply a good hand or cuticle cream, focusing on your nails.

4.Rethink your nail care products 

All the beauty products are now much improved and advanced. So, why are you still using conventional nail care tools and products? Switch your old-school nail file boards with a glass or crystal nail file, opt for modern non-acetone removers, and use a nail brush instead of digging under your nails with sharp filers.

5.Keep them well-protected

Always wear protective gloves every time you do chores involving your hands, such as washing, gardening, dusting, etc.

6.Say goodbye to professional manicures and hello to DIY nail strips 

Professional manicures may make your nails look gorgeous, but they can also cause a lot of harm with metallic tools and harsh chemicals. So, why opt for this harmful procedure when you can beautify your nails even more with DIY gel nail strips at BTS Beauty?

7.Keep strimming

Don’t grow your nails beyond a specific length, making them more vulnerable to damage and breakage. They should only be long enough to look pretty. 


Simple, right? No more time-consuming salon visits or expensive manicures, just a few easy practices and tips. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start taking care of your nails today to have them look as classy as ever. And don’t forget to add a little twist with BTS Beauty gel nail strips.

We hope you nail it!

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